About „Mezanin-V”

Mezanin-V SRL is a company founded in 2002 which over the years has become the largest supplier of textile materials used for upholstering furniture or the manufacture of bags on the local market. We also supply all the raw materials or accessories needed to manufacture upholstered furniture such as: fabrics, technical fabrics, fabrics layered with PVC or PU and many other products.

Our vision

The most important thing in our business is quality at a reasonable price. To do the impossible – possible.

About „MVSteel”

MV Steel supplies all the raw materials and accessories needed for the manufacture of upholstered and body furniture such as: mechanisms for functional furniture, staples and staplers, nails and pneumatic tools, buttons for upholstery and decoration, decorative nails, legs and wheels for furniture, webbing, chalk for tailors and many other products.

Company history

"MV Steel" is the brand created by the company "Mezanin-V" which was registered in 2002, which until 2002 it was a dream come true.


In our view, the products must meet the standard, maximum quality at a reasonable price.

What do we do ?

We work hard to import and sell products that would meet the needs of our customers.

We are constantly evolving and we always accept constructive feedback.

Cooperate with us!

We know that the customer is the main element in a business, this is why customer is for us in the first place.

We are always available for productive cooperation.

How can we help ?


We are at your disposal to help you choose the mechanism that suits you


We always do everything possible to provide quality at reasonable price

Affordable prices

We offer affordable and flexible prices depending on the quantity required